Cambodian Property Becoming An Investment Adventure For Retirees

Cambodia is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing real estate markets in Asia, and many retirees are investing in a vacation/rental property in this growing Southeast Asian destination. Cambodia currently has an estimated population of around 16 million people, which is expected to increase more than one million by 2020 along with a tourism rate expected to double over the next 25 years. In recent years, developers have shifted their focus towards modern condominiums in order to satisfy the needs of retirees looking to invest in Cambodia property without the headache of maintaining a house.

More Than Just A Holiday In Cambodia

Cambodia offers one of the lowest costs of living in Southeast Asia, which makes it an ideal destination for any retiree on a fixed pension or Social Security check. In fact, Cambodia has taken the top prize as International Living’s cheapest country for retirees four years in a row. Thanks to its low-cost property budgets, many retirees use a Cambodian housing investment as both a holiday getaway residence for themselves and a rental investment for the rest of the year.

Investing In Cambodian Rental Property

Cambodia is fast becoming one of the most popular Southeast Asian travel destinations, with its cosmopolitan capital city, venerable temples, vast jungles and glistening coastlines. According to Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism, six million tourists visited in 2018 with that number estimated to increase to 12 million travelers by 2025 thanks to new airports being constructed in the capital of Phnom Penh and nearby Siem Reap.

As primarily an investment play, retirees could hardly find a more secure economic landing place than Cambodia which hasn’t suffered a single year of recession in 20 years. The key to finding a good investment property is minimal fuss since you want to enjoy your retirement years and not struggle with problems half the world away. Steer clear from complex property types like flats above shops or homes in multiple occupancy that can add frustrating complications which is why investing in minimal maintenance condos makes the most sense for seniors.

Whether you’re personally looking for a new retirement adventure in an exotic place, a rental investment property or a combination of both, Cambodia is perhaps the most affordable and attractive location abroad. With the growing economy, population and tourism, now is the time to buy. Most folks work toward retirement their entire adult lives and owning Cambodian property can provide the perfect way to reap the fruits of those labors.