Roasted Lamb Shanks With Chermoula Sauce

When you think of lamb shanks you think of slow braising over liquid (usually red wine) for hours as the rain beats against the roof and the kittens cuddle with a warm blanket on the couch.

But lamb shanks in spring? Seems odd until you discover a simple way to slow roast the shanks without all the hearty winter veges and stew resources.

This Moroccan lamb shank takes hardly any effort and delivers the most succulent, full from bone meat.


3 lamb shanks

1T cumin

1T paprika 

1t ground ginger powder

1t onion power

1t turmeric

1t cayenne

1t coriander

½t allspice


Whisk all dry ingredients together. Spread evenly on the outside of the shanks, thoroughly covering the meat.

Place on a foil lined baking sheet. Cover with more foil to make a tight seal. Refrigerate for a bit and be sure to take out to come to room temperature an hour before cooking.

Preheat oven to 275. Place shanks in the oven on a lower rack and do nothing for 3.5 hours.

The meat should be dying to fall off the bone, so you know it’s done. If you have any concern, a thermometer should hit 145-ish.

Pull and let sit in the foil for a few minutes.

Serve with the Chermoula sauce below as a great dipping vehicle.

Serve with a Moroccan chickpea salad and it’s the best way to celebrate lamb in the spring or summer.


Chermoula sauce

Blend the following ingredients and let sit in the fridge to come together while the lamb is cooking. Sort of similar to chimichurri with a little less garlic. A great dipping sauce for the lamb.

1C cilantro

1/2C parsley 

1 clove garlic

Zest of one lemon

Juice of one lemon

Good glug of olive oil to make it thick, but not pasty

1T paprika

½t cumin

½t cayenne