Smoked Pork Butt

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as marinating a pork butt, letting it sit and stew in its baste overnight then cooking it low and super slow on a Weber grill.

This dish takes time and patience (and a good internal therm) to get things right. This dish was done with two 2.5 pound pork butts because the ideal size could not be found. Ideally, this would have been one 4-5 pound butt. Having two smaller guys definitely screws up the timing and temp, so always try to get one roast just the right size.

Dry Rub Marinade

4lb pork butt
1/4 C brown sugar
2 T smoked paprika
2 T ground garlic 2T ground onion 1t ground mustard 1t cayenne
1t salt and pepper

Combine all dry goods and rub generously over the butt. Season the day before. Wrap in plastic and let sit overnight.

Wet Marinade

This will be used to mop every hour when cooking and then when complete.

Prepare wet rub in a small pot.

Combine 2T brown sugar
2 C apple cider vinegar
4T ketchup
Dash red pepper flakes
Salt and pepper
Bring to boil, reduce and simmer for several minutes until it slightly thickens. Let cool and transfer to a jar. Refridge.

Cooking Day
Remove pork from fridge. Unwrap and let sit for a good 45 minutes.

At the same time, soak wood chips, like cedar, in water.

The general goal is 90 minutes per pound if keeping a consistent 250 degrees in grill temp.

To start – Place charcoal in chimney with newspaper underneath. Light the paper and let sit until charcoal turns ashen – 20-30 minutes.

Brush oil on the grill.

Pour ashen bricks into the two side charcoal trays beneath the grill.

Leave both vents open with lid on.

Note – bottom vent should be closed throughout cooking. Use upper to control temp.

To lower temp, close vents to stifle air flow.
To increase temp, open upper vent (and lower if desperate and need be) to allow air to stoke the fire.

Thermometer directives
Set remote receiver for 250 degrees for bbq, and food for 190.

To do so, press “food hi/clear” button until digits flash. Continue pressing hi/clear button to set desired done temp. It will increase as you press and you cannot go backwards but keep pressing and it will hit a limit and then start at zero to go that way.

When you get the target temp, Press “mode” button to lock it in.

To set bbq temp
Press the “bbq hi/hr” button until that lower part of the screen flashes. Now continue pressing until you get target temp. See above for getting to a lower temp than is shown.

Once reached, press mode button to set it. Now turn off.
Plug prongs into side of transmitter. Shorter one for temp, longer one for food.

Shorter temp prong drop thru top vent or set on grill away from the direct coal heat, like in the center and let cover set on top of cord.

Set device on something that allows it to sit upright and gives the cord the right distance.

Stand next to bbq with transmitter in place and holding receiver.

Turn receiver on.

Turn trans on within 2 minutes.
If they don’t synch, and the —- keeps flashing, press synch button on back of trans or turn both off and start again until you get a number.

Place soaked wood chips on top of charcoal.

Place a drip pan, like a pie tin, filled halfway with water or apple juice in the center of grill where meat will sit.

When grill hits desired temp of 225-250 (could take a half hour), place meat in center over drip pans and away from direct heat. Stick the longer food prong into meat in its center (but not near a bone)

Lid vent should not be directly over coals, so place lid so vent is over the middle.

Flip hourly and baste with sauce mixture and a brush. You can also put half apple juice and half apple vinegar in a spray bottle.
Timing is 90 minutes per pound for a no bone butt.

Keep in mind, every time you open the lid you lose heat and lose time on the finished product.

If temp keeps dropping and venting is not helping, drop new coals on the ashen coals. Or you can chimney new coals and drop on.

When butt hits its perfect internal temp of 180ish for pulled pork (170 if you wanna slice the roast instead), pull the meat and wrap in foil for a good 20 minutes.

Safety net
If you’re net getting to desired temp and guests are getting testy, heat an oven to 350 degrees and remove the butt. Place on a foil lined rack and put into the oven until it comes up to the temp. The smokiness will be intact. Still wrap in foil when done.