Yacht Weddings Create Indelible Memories

The location of a wedding ceremony can turn an already memorable event into a picture-perfect postcard day creating a memory that will last forever. Beach weddings have become more popular and trendy in recent years for their photogenic backgrounds and romantic, watery zen. Now more than ever, a dream beach wedding venue doesn’t have to be confined to the actual beach, but can include the best of both worlds by starting the celebration at a beach and then sailing the seas for a ceremonial yacht wedding.

A one-of-a-kind backdrop for that most special day

Guest To Impress

The California oceanfront oasis, Marina Del Rey, offers beach wedding venues and yacht weddings that have become as common as the omnipotent shining sun in the Southern California sky. Every couple wishes to have a once-in-a-lifetime caliber wedding that will impress and stand out from standard brick-and-mortar weddings. Yacht or boat venues are the most appropriate if you want to break the mold of the traditional event space and blow your guests away.

Beyond the beautiful panorama, there are many cost-effective and strategic advantages to planning a yacht wedding. One advantage is saving time. With a yacht wedding, it’s basically a one-stop service so you don’t have to scour blogs or Google search for individual components that are wedding necessities. The yacht planning staff provides everything from food options to flower arrangements to photographers and videographers all the way down to theme suggestions. All the couple really needs to truly focus on is their guest list.

Afternoon Delightful Ceremony At Sea

There are several factors to consider when choosing a vessel for your yacht wedding. You need to take into account the size of your guest list, your dining preferences and the temperature. Many betrothed couples prefer daytime weddings particularly in the warm weather off the Marina Del Rey coast.

Afternoon cruising allows guests to experience the full beauty of the Marina Del Rey harbor. Glide through the tranquil waters and soak in the quaint seaside-inspired docks of the colorful Fisherman’s Village and the hundreds of sailboats and luxury yachts cruising the main channel. Also enjoy the beautiful views of Santa Monica Bay and the Los Angeles coastline. Afternoon outings are calm, relaxed and the ideal setting for a brunch buffet or scenic lunch in the harbor with family and friends.

The Legistic Pros To Planning A Yacht Wedding

Any couple who has planned a wedding knows the stress that goes into the many details. Organizing a yacht wedding is much easier than planning a similar celebration at a different venue. Deciding to get married on a yacht really narrows down the theme. Instantly, you start thinking nautical; navy blues, pinstripes, whites, sea shells, anchors, oars and other nautical décor that correlates with the theme.

Yacht charter operators offer competitive wedding packages which will allow you to stage the wedding ceremony and the reception all under one roof eliminating guests from moving to additional locations. For people who want to imbibe and then uber home, this option provides a terrific option to enjoy the day with limited expense and transportation issues.

Thanks to their growing popularity, wedding cruises offer a range of packages to facilitate the organization and arrangements for your big day. You can get the all-inclusive deal and have experts take care of various services for you, like wedding planning, music, photography, catering, flower decorations and tux rentals. A yacht wedding literally can be a one-stop shopping experience. This is extremely convenient and leaves your hands free of extra stress and lengthy “to do” lists like DJ booking, cake orders, dinner menus and venue arrangements after the ceremony.

All Inclusive Yacht Weddings

Yacht wedding packages are generally all inclusive and include five-star amenities. No need to track down your own wedding planners. On a yacht wedding, you’ll be assigned a highly experienced team of professionals, including your personal wedding coordinator and staff that will provide initial consultation, planning meetings, onsite vendor liaison and full rehearsal.

The pre-ceremony begins with champagne service for the bridal party while guests enjoy butler-style passed Hors d’oeuvres. There is a bottomless juice and soda bar for those of all ages to enjoy and a variety of spirits for those wanting an adult beverage.

When the ceremony has ended, the wedding goers will sit at lavishly decorated tables with white or black linen tablecloths and napkins, and sparkling china. They will dine at an elegantly catered silver buffet featuring two scrumptious entrée selections, a duet of salads and the chef’s trio of accompaniments.

After dinner and the ceremonial toast, those onboard will dance the night away with a professional DJ. Otherwise, the bride and groom can choose to set their own ambiance via high-tech, wi-fi enabled onboard device connections and surround sound speaker systems. This once-in-a-lifetime event generally lasts about four hours and can cost only a few thousand dollars depending on the party size and upgrades like different brands of liquor, beer and wine. A yacht wedding can actually be more economical than onshore affairs.

Location, Location, Location

Photos, obviously, capture memorable moments of any wedding so the couple can savor them for a lifetime. So deciding to get married on a yacht will definitely provide a spectacular backdrop for your wedding. While the cameras are capturing the special moments, the yacht party can savor the sensational sights.

One of the best reasons for selecting a luxury yacht rental for a wedding venue is that it offers a couple the chance to make the event totally about them. The combination of a blank canvas to create an event space, the ability to select your perfect backdrop and the choice of gourmet catering mean that every facet of the wedding is customizable to suit your exacting needs. And whereas the nearly always warm weather of Southern California guarantees a beautiful and comfortable backdrop, those who do chill easily can comfortably enjoy the views from the expansive and heated indoor space. The goal is to bask in the moment of a once-in-a-lifetime celebration amidst the relaxing sights, sounds and fresh-air smells of the sea.