Looking Into A Future Where Cars Outsmart Drivers

The auto industry is poised to make a bigger evolutionary leap in the next few decades of car design than it has in the past century. Of course, movies and television have long painted a futuristic picture of daily travel that includes commuting in the clouds like the Jetsons or traveling through time in a DeLorean that goes back to the future. But while we may still not be ready to take to the skies from our driveway, expect to see revolutionary, alternative energy sources powering cars that literally drive themselves by 2070.

Fueling Cars With Alternative Driving Forces

Perhaps the most basic changes in cars over the next half century will be in what powers the vehicle with internal-combustion engines becoming extinct. In fact, none other than Shell Oil Company, one of the world’s largest petroleum producers, predicts that gas-powered cars could be gone by 2070. Electric cars are the current go-to gas alternative, but automakers will be taking a cue from homeowners who harness natural energy from wind and the sun as their power source which on the road could be captured in energy storing panels that increase the life of a car’s electric battery or do away with it altogether.

Hands Off Driving

While flying cars are still on the minds of auto developers, the safety logistics of building such a model is still further than a handful of decades away. Instead, its evolutionary stepping stone known as the Autonomous Vehicle (AV), or self-driving car, will emerge as commonplace by 2070. An AV auto will be safer, more efficient at finding the quickest routes and deliver a more enjoyable, productive experience.

The Future Puts Safety First

Since human error accounts for the majority of all accidents, experts consider a hands-free car without driver distractions safer by using an artificial intelligence system to automatically sense potential hazards and automatically swerve or stop to avoid collisions before they happen. The in-car computer will utilize diagnostic data to ascertain the safety of every driving situation in a split second and thus react faster than a human could. In addition, cars made of heavy metal will be replaced by sleek, carbon fiber bodies considered virtually indestructible in any collision.

Step Into My Office On Wheels

For those squeamish about taking the human element out of the driver’s seat, most AV cars will superimpose computer-generated visualizations onto an HD screen showing what the car is about to do. Once comfortable with the car driving itself, the interior will emerge as a digital living or work space. Seats will swivel to face one another and additional interactive screens will be available to blow the kids a kiss or complete virtual meetings before you arrive at the office.

In the next 50 years, cars will begin to resemble their fantastical big screen prototypes with sleek, futuristic designs that drive themselves using a literal mind of its own. More comfortable and conversational interior design complete with advanced digital and video components will make every commute more communal. The only thing left to accomplish is avoiding traffic by taking to the skies…and that’s likely next on the automotive radar.