Wool Emerges As Nature’s Foolproof Air Conditioner

As global warming trends continue to rise, homeowners are looking for natural solutions to create a comfortable, air-conditioned environment that lowers energy bills and lessens our carbon footprint. Heating and cooling of living spaces consumes 44 percent of all energy used in the home, according to the Department of Energy, so the time is right to find a natural solution to cut down consumption. Insulation made of 100 percent sheep’s wool is becoming the go-to choice for homes looking to lower their air conditioning bills with a more efficient, earth-friendly solution over synthetic products that don’t insulate as well or last as long.

Optimizing Home Air Conditioning

As summer is upon us, now is the time to protect your home against the oncoming heat waves by first making sure the air conditioning unit is checked by a professional to assure proper efficiency and cleanliness. Once, you’ve created the ideal cool-air flow blasting inside the house, the key is making sure that your insulation keeps the cold air in while blocking warm air from the outside, according to Lauren Urbanek, a senior program advocate for the Center for Energy Efficiency Standards. “Not having (proper) insulation means heat is seeping into your house and your air conditioner is having to work a lot harder,” she asserts.

Pulling The Wool Over Cooling The House

Wool’s natural structure makes it an incredibly effective insulator as the sheep-produced fibers work in tandem to trap air, moisture and harmful chemicals, keeping a cool and constant temperature in your dwelling. During summer months, the relative humidity level (RHL) inside the house should be above 30 percent, though 40-50 percent would be even better to keep your home feeling cooler in the summer. Wool manages to maintain an impressive 65 percent RHL which no other insulation product can boast.

Counting Sheep For A Comfortable Sleep

If the idea of sleeping with a wool comforter in the summer makes you sweat, think again. A recent sleep study conducted by The Woolmark Company and the University of Sydney examined a variety of bedding products in a range of temperature and humidity environments, and wool was selected as the “undoubted winner.” This study proved wool breathes better than synthetics, increases periods of deep REM sleep, and also gets the body to a comfortable sleeping temperature quickly that lasts for a longer period of time. A wool mattress topper or bed cover will cool you off during the night by absorbing and evaporating night sweat into the wool’s coil-like fibers reducing skin temperature without feeling damp or clammy.

Wool is a highly evolved, thoroughly tested fiber designed by mother nature, not a chemical factory, to serve as a perfect air conditioning insulator around the house. Whether stuffed into walls and attics or wrapped around the body, the scientific makeup of wool provides a comforting and effective thermostat to keep you cool when temperatures rise. Protecting the planet and a homeowner’s energy bill are just two sensible reasons to utilize this natural resource without sweating the summer sun.